is "Furthest" or "Farthest" correct?


What is the difference between "Further" and "Farthest" in English? Help me, please.


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  • Sandra Torres
    They are both correct. "Far" has two variants of comparative and superlative degrees. Firstly, "Farther" is the comparative degree and "The farthest" is the superlative degree. For example, compare two things: "London is far away from here, but Oxford is farther". Say that something is the farthest of them all: "But the farthest city is Edinburgh". Here we talk about the real distance between the different places. Secondly, "Further" is the the comparative degree and "The furthest" is the superlative degree. These words are used to talk about the figurative distance, for example, "Let us discuss further details on the issue. She has gone the furthest in this field".