There are different ways to learn English grammar. You can watch videos with grammar explanations, read rules by yourself, and make various schemes. But all of this should be done in the correct order, following the steps. So let’s go through all the steps of learning any grammar topic.

Step 1

First of all, read the rule. It can be presented in different ways, for example, in tables, like in Koddy App, which is more efficient. Structure the information you get. You can use different ways of doing it. So present the clue points of the rule, for example, make notes, make a table or scheme. 

Step 2

Train! At this stage, the aim is to practice some skills (for example, using Present Simple in questions). So it is crucial to have enough training. But when I say "training" I mean doing a series of exercises. The exercises can be very different, for example, "put the right verb form in a sentence", "choose the right verb form", "make up a sentence, using the following words", etc. Also, you can do these exercises in different ways (e.g. writing on paper or practicing in Koddy App). However, some experts say that it is better to mix activities that you do online and those which you write by hand, as far as writing helps to memorise the rule faster. It is actually so relevant to learners on basic levels.

Step 3

Practice again! This kind of practice is different. Here try to communicate (write or speak to somebody) and use all the skills and knowledge you got in the previous stages. While speaking or writing, it is necessary to use the grammatical material that you have just learned. For example, if you have just learned some new modal verbs, try to use them while talking or chatting. A lot of people miss this stage, it may happen due to different reasons, for example, if they do not have a partner to talk to or chat with. Later those people forget that information and need to return to this theme again and again. 

In conclusion, we can say that we can divide all the work with grammar into 3 stages. Pay attention to practicing, do different exercises and use the language practically!