If you are tired of learning English words in the usual way - by reading them 1000 times and with no results, this is the right place for you. Here we will talk about different ways of learning words. 

1. Group the words

Try to group new words you have by separating nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. It is easier to learn “a rabbit, a carrot, a garden, a chicken, an apple, a tree” than “a rabbit, to sing, beautiful, so, far away, a carrot”, isn’t it? Also, you can group the words with one root, for example: “beautiful, beauty”, “to fly, a fly”, etc. Another way is to group the words according to the topic, like in Koddy App. The words related to “Food” are in one place, the words which you can use to describe a person are in another place. 

2. Use stickers

If you want to learn new words more interactively, you can use stickers, labels, or small sheets of paper. Just write the names of the objects around you and put stickers, labels, or paper on them. This way you can easily learn the words on such topics as “My flat”, “Food”, and some other small objects in the place where you live. Later you can write not just the name of an object itself but also the verbs for it, for example: “a lamp - to turn on/switch on, to turn off/switch off”.

3. Write 

You can also memorise by writing. You can try to divide the paper into two parts. On the left, you write the words, on the right - the translation or the synonym/antonym. Then close the word list with your hand and name the words checking the translations and then do it the other way (name the translations of the words by closing them with your hand). This way you can quickly check yourself or simply revise the words.

4. Listen

If you memorise better by listening rather than writing or reading, you can always listen to the words you need to learn. Just turn on the audio, and you can pronounce it with or after the speaker.

5. Use flashcards

Flashcards can really help you learn new words, if you better perceive information visually rather than through listening. You can make flashcards by yourself on paper by writing the word on one side and the translation on the other. You can also use electronic flashcards. There are many applications with such flashcards for your convenience as in Koddy App where the flashcards are already created for you, you can even print them!

6. Make associations

It is also very useful to learn words by making associations. Just make an association with the word, even if it is ridiculous. The main thing is that it should be understandable and easy to remember for you. They can be based on spelling, pronunciation, or the topic itself. For example, the word “football'' consists of two words “foot” and “ball”, so when you play football you hit the ball with your feet.

7. Create a story

Another interesting way to learn a list of words is to create a small story with them. It can be funny or weird, no matter! It can be just one or two sentences, do not try to write more than three sentences, it will be even harder.

8. Make a system

Try to revise new words systematically. This way you will memorise them better. For example, you can use the following scheme:

Revise the words:

  • in one hour after studying
  • during the day
  • next day
  • in a week
  • in 3 meeks
  • in a month
  • in 3 months
  • in 6 month
  • in a year

In conclusion, it is important to pay attention to the ways of how you study the words. You should try to choose the best way of learning new words for you. And if you like to learn in an interactive way, use Koddy App everyday!