Sometimes it is so boring to learn new words, so you may think that it is better not to do it, right? In this small article, I have prepared five tips for you to simplify the process of memorising new words and make it more joyful. Let’s start!


You do not have to struggle while trying to learn a huge list of words! It should be interesting for you, so when you enjoy the process, it becomes so easy. For example, you can use the sections “My dictionary” and “Vocabulary” inside the Koddy App to help you learn those words and practice them in an interactive way.  


Please, do not try to learn 20, 30 or 40 words at once! It is impossible, your brain can not do it. If there is a lot of new information that should be learnt fast, our brain just puts it in short-term memory. The problem is that to really learn a word, it should be in long-term memory, and not in a short-term, unless it will be soon forgotten. That is why it is better to learn 10-15 words at once  at maximum and revise them several times. This way it will be easier to memorise them and they will be put in a long-term memory.


The very idea of learning any word is to memorise it and to be able to use it later on in communication. And if you try to learn it fast without really memorising it, it doesn’t make sense, because this word will be forgotten in a short period of time. You should revise the same words several times per week, then the results will be great!


You should not learn new words in a common way, you can try some new, creative ways. Even if you are not a creative person, you can find sources on the Internet that will help you. You can learn, using cards, clusters, labels, schemes, and, of course, Koddy App


Try to practice new words as much as you can. For example, if you just learned some words on the topic “Travelling”, watch a video on this theme and write down all interesting words and expressions from it, read a blog/article/book related to this topic, play different games, and use these words while communicating, for example chatting with Koddy.

Lifehack: to practice new words, ask Koddy about any word by writing: “What does … mean?”, for example “What does cat mean?”.

So, all these tips are quite easy but necessary. Try to follow them and the process of learning new words will become more interesting and productive! Share your experience with others!