Hey, today we are going to talk about how to get the best of watching a video, in other words, how to learn more from it. As we know, while watching a video in English or another language, you can learn some new information on the exact theme. You can also learn new vocabulary, revise some grammar structures, and learn new phrases to use later on in life. A lot, right?

If you want to watch a video, try to choose something that is somehow connected with the topic you are trying to learn (vocabulary or grammar). Also, in Koddy App, you can check the description of the video, and find some interesting facts about the information given in the video. Some videos are provided with word lists and grammar topics to revise. This is done to prepare you for watching a video so that it becomes easier and more efficient for you. If you open an English Coursebook, you will see that there is always some task given before a text (discussion, exercise with new words, etc.), so that teachers can prepare their students.

After preparing for watching, you may face a problem with high speed. Sometimes English learners of all levels can complain that the speed is so high that they can not understand. It is okay, from time to time, we all talk rather fast in our native languages. In such situations, it seems good to turn on the subtitles. But we recommend you not to use subtitles until you try to go to settings and make the speed lower. It may help! You can relisten it several times, it is a common thing while learning. And this way you will also improve your listening skills!

If you start watching a video and you see that there are a lot of new words, so that you can not continue watching, it is better to change the level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced). But if there are no new words at all, it will be also good to change the level to a higher one. It will be great if while watching a video you learn some new words. So, the advice is to write/add to "Your dictionary" all the new words from a video in order to revise and practise them later. Remember, that you can click on whatever word of the subtitles to see the translation and more information about it. This way you can not only entertain and practice listening but also learn new vocabulary.

Another important point is grammar. Our advice for you is to pay attention to the structures and forms the speaker uses. It will be so helpful if after studying some grammatical topic you watch a video and try to find all the forms from the studied rule (If you just learned about Past Simple, try to find / to write down all the verb forms and then check which are regular and which are irregular). Also if you are watching a video with many dialogues in it, pay attention to the questions and answers (How are they formed?), make sure you understand those phrases, and know in what situations to use them.

And what shall you do after watching a video? Watch another video? Go do your things? It is recommended to do some activities with the information you have got from the video. For example, you can open your dictionary and revise some words which you have found in that video. You can return to the description of the video and read an interesting fact about it if you have not done that yet. And, of course, you can discuss the information from the video or tell it to someone. No doubt it will help you to structure your knowledge and give a reason to talk in English with someone. If you have not got any English-speaking friends and you want to, you can always talk to Koddy!