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How did I learn English without money?

Five smiling and poor children.

Excited to be here to tell my story, and that it can encourage many people to reach their goals. My name is Yanai, I am from Peru, and I want to share with you my experience in learning English.

My story begins when I just turned 7 years old. My father who until then was a great father left us to form a new family, it seemed that the world had come upon us, a great storm of feelings and emotions. Also, in those days my beloved grandfather died. Abandonment, and mom without a job, a perfect storm. Thanks to my grandmother who very generously opened the doors of her humble and small house to us. I, my 3 sisters and my mother lived very poorly after our savings ran out, but my mother was a very strong and determined person, and she was able to help us get by.

Every day my mother went out to look for a job, as she didn't know English, she couldn't find a good one, that is, a job with a better salary. That's what she used to tell us every time she came back from an interview; since then, my goal was to learn the required language. You know, even now, if you know English, you can have access to better salaries and jobs. Well, I couldn't start studying at that time as we didn't have enough money, I could not even buy a book, but after a few years, my older sister gifted me an English course. I had to wait a whole semester to start, I was anxious. It was at the age of 15 I started my first course. I aimed to get through it as if I already knew that it was going to be essential for me in the future.

Anyone would say that I was a dedicated student, but the truth is that I was only dedicated to master the English language. I say this, as for other types of lessons, I was a regular student. It was a great challenge, really difficult. When you are poor and without educational resources, it is really difficult even to buy the necessary books, pencils, erasers and other stuff you need to study and do your homeworks, but I managed to do it. Look at me now, I’m even writing an article in English. That's crazy!

You just need motivation, optimism, and perseverance which are the engine to make your dreams come true. Nowadays, you have technological tools that allow you to learn by yourself or you can also find a virtual tutor, there are no excuses, so go ahead and go for it! Thanks!

Yanai Vargas
Yanai Vargas
Do you think the lack of money is an obstacle to achieve your goals?

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  • ruizesth
    Thanks yanai for your información.🥰
  • migeorge
    Fine Yanai you have the reason , now we have all tools for learning anyway language, you're an example, congratulations.

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