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How did I learn English by myself?

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Hello, my name is Rosa Maria Sanchez. I am from Ecuador. This article is my contribution to this community, and I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate.

“How did I learn English?” This is the most recurrent question I have been asked. As far as I learned English in a short period of time, I want to note that my level is advanced, but I consider I am still learning. When I was 12 years old, I started to learn English at school, I had the will to learn. I liked the lessons at school and I had a good teacher who helped me so much. We learned verbs and a lot of new vocabulary with lists that the teacher used to give us. I think, I learned English so well as far as he used to give us new lists every week. I used to watch TV series with English subtitles, also, I used to listen to music. Obviously, at the beginning when you don't know English, you don't understand much of what they say in the songs or films, but believe me, this is the best way to get used to and tune your ear to the sounds of the English language, even if you don't understand a word.

Also, I’d recommend you to use the mind map method for its usefulness and efficiency: a powerful graphic technique that allows you to organize and understand information faster and better. I found it to be the best technique for me to learn any subject.

My study plan was a simple one, which can be taken as advice for you. I divided it into three steps, which is what I did every day. Usually I used to spend 1 hour to improve my English.

  • I learned the pronunciation and spelling of a new word.
  • I made flashcards and stickers with that word.
  • I read several sentences where that word is used with its context, and then I tried to make my own sentence using that word.

As you can see, it is a simple plan, but it helped me to move forward. I hope this gives you new ideas to make learning English fun and cool! Thanks!

Rosa Sanchez
Rosa Sanchez
Which methods or strategies do you usually use to study English?

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  • ruizesth
    Thanks Rosa for help us with your example.

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